Island Pond Village Revitalization Project

Welcome to the Island Pond Village Revitalization Master Plan page!

This is your “go-to” place to get updates and information on progress and events that are going on with the Village Revitalization Master Plan project. We will post upcoming events, news and information that has to do with the project here, so check back periodically to see what is happening. If you have questions, thoughts or ideas you would like to share about Island Pond, the areas of focus for the project, or how to improve and enhance Island Pond, please feel free to be in touch with Town officials. Contact Joel Cope p: 802.723.4753 or the consultant team at Lucy Thayer or p: 802.388.3011.

Want to know more?

Keep reading for more information about the Master Plan and the project goals.

Why is Island Pond developing a master plan?

Island Pond was selected this year to receive a Better Connections Grant. This grant enabled the Town to hire a consultant team to analyze a specific set of areas and needs that the Town has identified as priorities for attention in the Village. These specific areas of focus include:

  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Land Use and Market
  • The Lakefront

This master planning project will build on the work represented in the Brighton Community Visit Report and Action Plan released in January of 2017 by the Vermont Council on Rural Development. Working with the Town, our consultant team will use the information and insights gathered during this community visit to guide and inform the project recommendations and strategies for implementation. The final result in September of 2018 will be a comprehensive Master Plan that integrates the “ in-the-field” work experience and takeaways of the team in the planning and design process with recommendations that reflect our findings, community input and the long term vision for Island Pond. As part of the project, a steering committee has been formed that include community members acting as liaisons for the Town. The consultant team that will be creating the Master Plan includes LandWorksRSGEngineering VenturesDoug Kennedy Advisors, and UK Architects.

How is the project being funded?

Island Pond received a Better Connections grant to fund this project. The grant is administered by VTrans in partnership with the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, check out the Better Connections website to learn more about this grant and the Better Connections program.

Come join us for a Community “Walk & Talk” Event 

Walk & Talk Poster_Island Pond_Page_2

As part of the Island Pond Village Revitalization Master Plan, we are pleased to announce our Walk & Talk event on Monday October 30th from 4:00 – 5:00pm at the Town Hall. The goal of this event is for our project team to interact with and hear from the Island Pond community and residents in an engaging look at on-the-ground conditions relevant to the goals and tasks for the project.

The intent of this event is to use the input and ideas generated to inform project strategies and improvements.

Please see our poster and handout with information about the Walk & Talk event. Copies of these will be available at the Town Hall or by contacting Joel Cope at 723-4753. Feel free to print a copy of your own using the following link:

Walk & Talk Poster_Island Pond

We are asking that business owners and local residents help get the word out by hanging the posters around town and in their business, restaurant, or establishment.

We will meet at the Town Hall at 4PM to start, after which we will break into three groups to explore the village. The 3 groups will each be focused on one of the following areas of interest:

Getting Around Island Pond (Group One)

An exploration of circulation in Island Pond that will focus on multi-modal traffic and transportation, parking, and the overall infrastructure that supports multiple modes of travel in and around the village and beyond.

The Greening of Island Pond (Group Two)

Analyze and explore Island Pond’s open space, green space, recreation, amenities and the visual links/connectivity between the town and lake while discussing the elements of sustainable site design, development and management.

The Building Blocks of the Village (Group Three)

Examine and discuss the “bones” of the village; historic development, development sites (where to grow, how to grow), livability in Island Pond, as well as a discussion about architecture and built form.

Please tell your friends, family and neighbors about the event – we want to hear from you and your community! This is a great opportunity to tell us what you know, see and think and to help plan for the future of Island Pond.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for updates and events to come!